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Surfer Necklaces: The Best Options for 2024

Updated: Apr 23

If you are in the market for a gift for that surfer in your life, or just looking for yourself, you have found yourself in the right place!

In this article we will look at a few companies that have great surf necklaces, and why they are so popular today.

What’s So Special About a Surfer’s Necklace?

Today, the surfer style has become a worldwide phenomenon that is no longer restricted to just those with the hobby.

Whether it is a trend promoted by tiktok or the recent Netflix series, Outer Banks, many people are starting to dress like “the typical surfer”. With this come’s the surfer’s necklace.

A necklace is a staple piece that sticks out to others while you wear it.

From puka shells, to beads, to even a shark tooth, all these materials are iconic when it comes to what you would expect a surfer to wear.

What Should You Look For in a Surfer’s Necklace?

Cost of a Surf Necklace

What you are willing to pay for this product ultimately comes down to you.

However, since this item will probably be worn pretty often, it may be worth spending a little more on if it is a piece that you really want.

Durability of a Surf Necklace

Surf necklaces are typically one’s that you can put through the wringer.

With that being said, look for one that can withstand being in water without tarnishing.

After all, it is supposed to be a surfer’s necklace.

Style of a Surf Necklace

Ultimately, this necklace is yours and is being paired with each and every one of your outfits.

Pick one that best matches your style and expresses yourself!

The Best Surfer Necklaces Today

Charming Shark

Charming Shark has a variety of options when it comes to lifestyle jewelry.

Founded by surfer, Michael Kapica, this company strives to provide their customers with Hawaiian inspired designs that are distinct from the typical tourist wear.

On their website, you can find shell, beaded, shark tooth, and crystal necklaces, all for under $15.

In addition to all of this, Charming Shark was the first company ever to employ intellectually disabled individuals, and help them learn more about running and working within companies.

So, not only will you be purchasing a stylish and affordable necklace, but your money will also be going to a good cause.

Learn more about this surf necklace.

Get Back Necklaces

In the 70s, groups of surfers and adventurers would wear St. Christopher necklaces for protection and good luck while being in the water.

Get Back Necklaces biggie packed off of this tradition to create their company.

Now, one of the biggest surf necklace companies, they have a variety of jewelry including bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings.

Their products are water resistant and sweatproof with a one year warranty.

The most popular necklaces they have to offer come with a ball chain and Saint Christopher charm that can be interchangeable.

Learn more about this surf necklace.


Most commonly known for their bracelets, PuraVida is a huge company that specializes in their surfer jewelry.

Apart from the easily identifiable bracelets, they also have a variety of options when it comes to necklaces.

All of their beaded, shelled, or charmed necklaces are handcrafted by artisans and are eco-friendly.

One upside of this company's popularity is its many reviews that are available.

For each product on their website, you can check out the reviews of real customers to see if the product is just as good as it is displayed to be.

Learn more about this surf necklace.

Lotus & Luna

Lotus & Luna is run by a team of artisans from the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand.

By supporting this company, you are also supporting each of these local artisans and improving their quality of life.

Taking a closer look at their necklaces, you can find many affordable options that all achieve that summer look that you are looking for.

One of their newest releases is called the Shore Break Necklace.

The adjustable necklace features rubber beads that wrap completely around your neck, and a charm placed directly in the middle.

This piece would be perfect for layering with some of your favorite pieces.

Learn more about this surf necklace.

How to DIY a Surf Necklace

Making a surf necklace can be relatively easy depending on which style you are looking for.

If you are looking for the typical rubber bead necklace, all you will need is a thin string and rubber beads in your choice of color.

To assemble your necklace, make a knot at one end of your string, leaving a couple inches of string left over, and begin threading all your rubber beads through the other end of the string. You can choose whichever pattern or sequence of beads that you prefer.

Once your string is filled with beads, tie another knot at the opposite end of the string, and then you are ready to wear your creation.

Tie each end of your necklace together and enjoy your new surf necklace!

Surfer Necklace Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do surfers wear necklaces?

As stated a bit earlier in reference to Get Back Necklaces, some surfers and travelers would wear necklaces for safety and good luck.

Nowadays, many people just wear necklaces for style preferences.

All these options can elevate an everyday outfit and make you feel like you are ready for a perfect summer day.

Q. What are surfer beads called?

There are many different styles of surfer necklaces that are all made of different materials.

However, the most common style includes a puka shell.

Commonly found in Hawaii, the puka shell is bead-like and is used in a variety of different forms.

You can find pieces that have whole puka shells attached side by side, while others have strings of fragmented puka shells pieced together.

Q. Why are surfer necklaces so popular?

Surfer necklaces have become so popular with the emergence of new trends.

Within the past couple years, more and more people have begun trying to dress in a more beachy look.

Along with this is the influence that Outer Banks has on many teens' styles.

As this target audience watches this very popular show, they begin to want to dress like the characters they are seeing on screen.

Coincidentally, almost every one of the Outer Banks Characters can be found with some sort of surfer necklace on.

Finding the Right Surfer Necklace For You

Ultimately, the choice comes down to you and your personal style.

Listed above are many excellent companies that all have great options when it comes to surfer necklaces.

Take a look at their website and choose one that suits you best!


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