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“Adding Stoke To Puzzling”: Jigsaw Surf Co Makes the Perfect Puzzles for Surfers

Whether it’s when the waves are flat, the sun has dipped below the watery horizon, or it’s the holiday season, you might be looking for something to do with the extra time on your hands.

In today’s digital-first era, this downtime is usually spent endlessly and mindlessly scrolling on a smart device. Despite being physically close to friends and family, what we look at — barreling waves in a far away lineup — put us mentally miles away.

Wouldn't it be great if there was something you do instead that was fun, fostered connections with others, and provided a sense of accomplishment?

That's where Jigsaw Surf Co’s puzzles come in. They let you make waves with friends, family and community wherever you are in colorful and therapeutic ways.

Have you ever seen such beautiful puzzles? Photo courtesy Jigsaw Surf Co

These aren’t your average puzzles though — far from it.

Imagine aloha-inspired designs, tropical-infused technicolor, a drone image capturing the beauty of a lineup from above, and much more — that’s what Jigsaw Surf Co has magnificently produced in puzzle form.

Even better, they actually have therapeutic elements. Studies have shown that jigsaw puzzles can prompt relaxation, relieve stress through concentration, aid in problem solving skills and much more.

One recent study even found that doing a puzzle for 25 minutes can increase your IQ by 4 points!

Charlie and Victoria Fennell, both surfers and fans of puzzles, were looking for something to pass the time that was also mentally stimulating and included surfing, but couldn't find anything on the market.

“When we first came up with the idea for Jigsaw Surf Co we were drinking coffee in our apartment, on a rainy day, wondering what activity we could do since the surfing conditions were poor,” Victoria said. “We were looking for something that would be mentally stimulating but also therapeutic, which led us to open a jigsaw puzzle. That’s when it hit us, why not add some stoke to puzzling!? And so Jigsaw Surf Co was formed.”

Charlie and Victoria Fennell love puzzles and surfing. Their passions converged at the intersection of Jigsaw Surf Co. Photo courtesy Jigsaw Surf Co.

Jigsaw Surf Co offers several collections to choose from, including the following:

Aloha Collection: A puzzle that transports you to the streets of Waikiki with a fragrant lei around your neck, the Aloha Collection includes several designs that incorporate beautiful and bright flowers.

Jigsaw Surf Co's Aloha Collection. Photo courtesy Jigsaw Surf Co

Daydream Collection: From images of a beautiful moonrise over mountains to a winding, adventure-filled road through a valley and a surfer mesmerized by the watery horizon, the Daydream Collection puts every surfer’s daydreams into puzzle form.

Jigsaw Surf Co's Daydream Collection. Photo courtesy Jigsaw Surf Co

The Resin Collection: Imagine psychedelic resin surfboards dripping with technicolor; that’s exactly what Jigsaw Surf Co’s Resin Collection emulates.

Jigsaw Surf Co's Resin Collection. Photo courtesy Jigsaw Surf Co

Seascape Collection: Each puzzle within the Seascape Collection includes imagery that you’ll want to hang on your wall, including a watery shaka, a surfer standing up for the ride of their life and a drone image showcasing the raw beauty of surfing from above.

Jigsaw Surf Co's Seascape Collection. Photo courtesy Jigsaw Surf Co

Another factor that separates Jigsaw Surf Co’s puzzles — and makes it a must buy during the holiday season — is that the puzzles also act as art-gallery-worthy wall art.

Once the puzzle is complete, you have the choice to put it away and save for another time, or put the finished creation on your wall for decoration.

In each puzzle, Jigsaw Surf Co provides "surf wax" that glues your creation together. After that, you can place it on a wall of your choice inside your residence or office.

The directions are simple:

  1. Place the finished puzzle on Wax or parchment paper with image facing up

  2. Pour glue over the center of the puzzle

  3. Spread glue evenly over the puzzle with a scraper

  4. Remove excess glue with a scraper

  5. Allow 3-4 hours for the puzzle to fully dry

Art gallery-worthy art in puzzle form. Photo courtesy Jigsaw Surf Co

Jigsaw Surf Co's puzzles are far from your average puzzle.

Not only are they the most beautiful puzzles you will come across; they provide therapeutic elements, and you can even hang your creation on display afterward.

Best of all, each puzzle is extremely affordable.

There's no doubt about it: Jigsaw Surf Co has made the best puzzle for surfers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.


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