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Do You Want to Work in the Surf Biz?

Wanna work in the surf industry? If you're a college student in need of course credit, you're in luck.

We are looking for unpaid winter and spring interns for editorial and content creation, social media, or video production. You can stand out from the crowd if you are a self starter who can work independently and are motivated about launching your career in the media landscape.

To apply, you must a) be enrolled in college and b) need college credit.

You also need to provide the following information:

  • Resume

  • A portfolio of your recent work, which can include college essays

  • 5 specific ideas tailored to your role you would like to work on throughout the internship

  • proof you are enrolled and need college credit for the unpaid internship

The deadline to apply is January 20, 2023. Shoot us an email (cash @ if you're interested!

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