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Sebastian Inlet Surfing: A Guide to This Iconic East Coast Surf Spot

Sebastian Inlet is a hidden gem on the central coast of Florida. With only two main spots to surf, the local community is strong and has been around for a very long time.

Sebastian is located a few miles south of Melbourne Beach, Cocoa Beach a few miles north of Melbourne Beach.

What makes Sebastian Inlet unique is its history of having epic waves in such a small, hidden location directly left of S A1A Highway.

Sebastian Inlet Surfing

Waves in Sebastian Inlet

Waves here are comparable to New Smyrna in the sense that it holds swell well, making it a fairly consistent, reliable spot to surf if you are looking for a wave when everywhere else is flat.

The water here can get extremely blue and clear!

The best swell direction and wind for most of Sebastian Inlet would be an east-northeast to an east swell and a southwest or west wind will help when there’s swell out there.

Waves average around 2-3 feet although some weeks it could be completely flat and others it may be firing for a week straight.

The best tide to surf would be a low to middle tide. Don’t trust the surf forecasts, it’s unpredictable, but if the conditions line up to how I mentioned above, you may be in for a treat!

Sebastian Inlet's Surf Culture

Surf culture in Sebastian Inlet is very localized. The local people who surf here have been around for a very long time, most are second-generation surfers. It can be intimidating when there is a large crowd. If you are thinking about paddling out, be nice and respect others out there and you will be just fine!

Gear Needed to Surf Sebastian Inlet

Florida is a warm area of America, but since Sebastian Inlet is central Florida, you will unfortunately need some cold-water gear in the late fall, winter, and early spring.

In the late fall, just around hurricane season or a little after, you will need a spring suit or wetsuit top.

In the winter, you usually only need a 3/2 full wetsuit although some winters can be colder than others and you may need to pair some booties for a month. In the spring, things start to warm up… fast.

By the end of March, you could be wearing a spring suit. April to early May is the transition to board shorts and bikinis and it stays that way for a while!

The Best Surf Spots in Sebastian Inlet

Sebastian Inlet is a small area, about 3 miles long. Therefore, there’s really only two main breaks:

#1 North Jetty:

The north side of the Sebastian Inlet jetties is the most popular spot to surf here.

You will find massive crowds when it is firing, rightfully so considering it gets epic out there.

The jetty helps maximize the swell. When it’s smaller, surfing near the jetty allows a little more of a push to the small waves so that the spot can be ridable when other spots are not.

When it gets big, you can find barrels whether it is chest to head high or bigger.

It’s a fast and powerful wave, be advised that you should have a more experienced surfing ability before paddling out here when theres a good wave and there’s a crowd.

#2 South Jetty:

Although the north side of the jetty is the more popular spot to surf, you can find a wave on the south side and there may not be as much of a crowd as well!

The jetty helps push the waves just like the north side, although not as well.

It’s a sandy beach break. If you are thinking about surfing Sebastian Inlet and you are nervous about surfing the intimidating north side, try the south side instead. You may be surprised how fun it can get!

What To Do in Sebastian Inlet When the Waves are Flat

Like I said previously, Sebastian Inlet only ranges about 3 miles long. If you want a quiet vacation surfing spot, this may be the perfect place to be.

Here at Sebastian Inlet, you can camp, surf, fish, swim, snorkel, and explore the beaches and area.

Sebastian Inlet Surfing

If you want to experience epic waves at one of the most consistent surf spots in Florida while living the simple vacation life of camping, Sebastian Inlet is a perfect option for you.

Not into camping?

Melbourne is only 20 minutes away!


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