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Mississippi Surf Guide: Yes, You Can Surf in Mississippi

There’s surf in Mississippi? That’s a common question that comes up when talking about the waves in Mississippi, and I wouldn’t doubt you if you told me there wasn’t any.

Let’s be honest, most of us didn’t even realize there was enough coastline for waves to form on.

Well, even though Mississippi isn’t the surf capital of the world, it does shockingly get some waves.

So, we don’t have much for you in this article, but what we do have is worth a read.

We will look at a few of the spots that do get waves in Mississippi and let you know when you are most likely to catch these places breaking.

What’s So Special About Surfing in Mississippi ?

Waves in Mississippi

When looking at the wave selection in Mississippi, you don’t have all that much to choose from, but that’s what makes it special.

While here, you aren’t really expecting to score, so when you do, excitement follows. Many of the waves here require strong winds or hurricane swells to form.

So, if you are specifically interested in surfing here, plan on visiting during the wintertime or during hurricane season.

The Surf Culture in Mississippi

There isn’t a very strong sense of surf culture in Mississippi.

Since there aren’t many waves to choose from, people here either pick up different hobbies, or move someplace else with more consistent waves.

Still, the coast of this state has a beachy vibe with restaurants and shops along the waterfront, where you can enjoy the ocean views.

Equipment Needed to Surf in Mississippi

The average water temperature in Mississippi throughout the entire year is 72 degrees.

This means you’ll experience temperatures from 52-57 in the winter, which calls for a 4/3mm wetsuit.

Or, you can stick to a spring suit and boardies for the 70-80 degree water of the summertime.

The 3 Best Surf Spots in Mississippi

Off the Barrier Islands

Some of the only real waves in Mississippi break off the barrier islands, and require a 15 mile boat ride to reach them.

On top of this, they tend to only break during harsher storms, which makes boat transportation a little more difficult. With that being said, you really have to find the right crew that’s willing to take on this search for waves with you.

Here, you will find novelty waves, so you never really know what to expect.

There are no cams to let you know what it’s going to look like, and you have to get lucky and hope the wind switches offshore. If all these things line up, one spot specifically will be going off, the Cove.

This point can produce big and barreling waves on the right swell. However, be careful of the rough landing that lurks beneath the water.


Previously named Lighthouse, this wave used to be more commonly surfed amongst the surf community in Mississippi, but hurricane Katrina shifted its sea floor and completely changed the way the wave developed.

Still, surfers like Ben Gravy, will paddle out to Gulfport and score waves that most people would just pass by.

This leaves open lineups and an endless selection of your choice of waves.

You’ll see the most size here with strong, north-northeast winds that would usually make the water choppy and not pleasant to score.

But, don’t just drive past this spot, paddle out and give it a go. It may be some of the only accessible waves you can get while in Mississippi.

Dauphin Island

Since there isn’t much to work with here, many surfers in Mississippi will take the drive to Dauphin Island to catch some waves.

Located on the coast of Alabama, this spot isn’t necessarily located within Mississippi, but it is one of the closest and most reliable breaks for this state’s surfers.

Dauphin island is an exposed beach break that works best on south-southeast swells.

This wave gets its best conditions during hurricane season which is usually in the wintertime. Here, you can find both lefts and rights breaking, so it really is a free-for-all.

What To Do In Mississippi When the Waves Are Flat

If you want to stick to spending your time outdoors, but there are absolutely no waves, there are a few other activities that Mississippi has to offer.

First off, this state is huge on fishing. You could go on a shrimping trip where you get to witness all different types of sea life.

This cruise goes in between Deer Island and the Biloxi shoreline for a 70 minute exploration.

Other activities could include visiting trails such as Longleaf and Tanglefoot. Both of these trails are known for their beautiful displays of Mississippi’s forests, meadows, and wetlands. Lastly, you could rent a canoe and venture along different bodies of water.

One notable spot for canoeing is along Black Creek. This creek goes along Desoto National Forest and can extend up to 21 miles long.

Mississippi Surfing

While Mississippi isn’t known for its premiere surfing, it’s still a state you don’t want to miss out on. If you love a challenge and like to work for your waves, this place is perfect for you.

The waves here aren’t always visible and in sight, but they are there.

Go to Mississippi and find the best wave you can, we challenge you!


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