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Surfing in Maine: The Ultimate Guide

Yes, you can score in Maine.

Many waves within this state are still the locals' secrets, but others are infamous to the rest of the world for how good the conditions can get.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the more well known surf spots along the coast of Maine, when it is best to visit them, and the surf gear you'll need for the session of a lifetime.

What’s So Special About Surfing in Maine?

Maine's Waves

Although the fall and winter seasons bring in colder temperatures, this is when you will find the best swells in Maine.

During this time, the state gets northern winds and south-southeast swells that create picture perfect waves.

The Surf Culture in Maine

The empty lineups are definitely not a thing many locals like to pass up.

Since surfing in Maine requires dialed equipment and dodging potential chunks of ice in the water, there aren’t very many beginners paddling out for the first time.

This means that the folks you meet out there are usually stoked to see another face out.

Equipment Needed to Surf in Maine

Surfing waves in Maine can be extremely rewarding, but you have to bear the cold conditions to score.

During the winter season, you should be prepared with a hooded 6/5/4 mm fullsuit, 7mm booties, and 5 or 7mm gloves.

Having to leave the lineup and paddle back out because you are too cold is one of the worst feelings, so if you are preparing to go on a trip to Maine, go prepared.

The 5 Best Surf Spots in Maine

Next, we'll look at some of the best surfing locations in Maine.

Short Sands Beach

Like many beaches in Maine, this beach is best and most consistent during the winter. You will find the best conditions during southwest winds and during a northeast swell.

This wave is an exposed beach break that provides both rights for those who surf regular and lefts for goofy footers.

75% of the time, many people may say that the waves here are too small, but this is still great conditions for beginners or less experienced surfers to get out there.

The rest of the time, the waves have the potential to explode and produce clean and surfable waves for more experienced surfers to rip on.

Although there is rarely a crowd here, keep your eye out for any rocks that may be peaking out.

Ogunquit Beach

Ogunquit Beach is one of Maine’s most powerful waves.

For starters, over the course of the next 12 days as of writing, this wave will reach up to 10ft.

This wave comes from an exposed rivermouth that breaks off of Lobster Point providing long rights, and inside lefts that are a bit quicker and have more critical sections.

The best months to visit this Beach is between September through March during west- northwest winds, and southeast swell angles.

During these conditions, the crowd may get a bit busier because this is one of the more well known beaches, however this wave isn’t very localized.

Higgins Beach

Higgins Beach is an exposed beach break that works on both ground and windswells, and is best during southeast swells.

You can catch some of the best conditions during November when offshore winds match with Northwest winds.

This beach is another well-known spot which can get crowded during prime conditions, but there are right and left peaks that help spread out the lineup a bit.

Most of the beach consists of a sandy bottom which is good during a high tide, but the south end is rockier with a large rock in the middle of the beach that you should watch out for during lower tides.

Moody Point

Moody Point is a reef break that is a little less consistent, but can produce long peeling waves if the conditions are just right.

When southeast swells combine with offshore northwest winds, a larger crowd will roll in to experience the magic.

Like many other spots in Maine, this break works best during the winter season, more specifically during the month of December.

Even though this break has the potential to grow in size and power, for the majority of the year, the conditions are on the smaller end and could be suitable for beginners.

Wells Beach

Wells Beach is one of the most popular spots in Maine when it comes to waves for beginners.

This exposed beach break in Maine is one of the more consistent waves that you can rely on throughout all times of the year.

It works best under east swells and offshore winds from the northwest direction.

You can find good waves from both rights and lefts during a mid tide that is rising.

One of the best parts about this wave is that there is rarely a crowd here. So, this is a perfect wave to get out on for the first time and test out your abilities.

Surfing in Maine

Maine has some of the best waves the United States has to offer, but they rely heavily on the winter season and having the right conditions.

If you're paddling out in Maine or in the New England area, ensure that you have the right wetsuit, along with appropriate surf gloves and a surf hood.


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