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The Ultimate Guide to Surfing La Saladita

Updated: Apr 3

This summer, my friends and I went to a town that has arguably some of the best and most consistent surf.

La Saladita is a small town located in Guerrero, Mexico that is a tight-knit community that is rich in their surf culture.

Many of the restaurants and shops rely on surfers and tourists that visit their town, yet the area doesn’t feel all that touristy. While there, we were met with tropical weather and inexplicably warm water.

La Saladita was truly a taste of paradise that I think everyone needs to experience for themselves.

In this article we will take a look at a few of the breaks in and around this town, and why they are worth a visit.

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What’s So Special About Surfing in La Saladita?

Waves in La Saladita

La Saladita has some of the most consistent waves in all of the world.

Many of the breaks here work at all times throughout the year, but gain the most size during the summertime.

In the summertime, the waves rarely get blown out and you can surf from sunup to sun down.

So, if you take your next surf trip to La Saladita, you are guaranteed to score at at least one of these waves.

The Surf Culture in La Saladita

As stated earlier, Saladita is rich in their surf culture.

Many of the shops and restaurants are located directly on the beach facing the breaks and are supported by the local and visiting surfers. During my stay here, the friendliness of the locals was something that really stuck out to me.

Unfortunately, during one of my sessions at La Saladita Point, my surfboard hit my head and drew a bit of blood.

Luckily, a few locals quickly came up to me in the water and on shore to make sure I was alright.

Surfing at an unfamiliar place may be intimidating, but knowing that there is a positive community around definitely helps ease some nerves.

Equipment Needed to Surf in Saladita

Here, I experienced some of the warmest and saltiest ocean water ever.

The average sea water of La Saladita is 81 degrees, meaning that you need relatively no surf attire. Grab some boardies or a bikini and you're all good to go.

Don't forget reef-safe sunscreen, too!

The 5 Best Surf Spots in Saladita

La Saladita Point

La Saladita Point is an infamous left point break that is well known amongst many pro longboarders.

This very consistent wave breaks about 50 feet out the back and connects all the way to an inside section right off the shore.

The wintertime is known to be a bit smaller, when northwest winds are predominant.

However, the summertime brings in storms from the equator and waves for both short and long boarders.

This summer when I visited La Saladita Point, we received the later end of waves from a hurricane swell. This brought some size to the waves and allowed for 2-3 minute long rides all the way into the shore.

Although the paddle back into the lineup takes some time, this wave is one of the cleanest and longest waves I have ever surfed.

The Ranch

The Ranch is a faster breaking left point break.

Many people reach this wave by boat, but there is an alternative highway and dirt road that can lead you there just as well.

This wave works best under a south-southwest swell where it has long rides with a perfect wall for noseriding or snapping turns.

Even though The Ranch is popular for its left point break, there is a right that can break by a nearby river mouth when there is a big storm and larger waves.

One thing to note is the localism at The Ranch.

While coming to this break, me and my friends knew it was a locally dominated break and coud sense some intimidation upon our arrival.

However, as soon as the locals realized we weren’t trying to steal their waves or sit out the back, their mood quickly changed to friendly.

Manzanillo Bay

Manzanillo Bay is a rocky, reef point break that like many other breaks in La Saladita is known and surfed because of its consistency.

Despite how reliable this wave is, it never tends to get insanely crowded.

With that being said, still keep your eye out for some rocks you may have to dodge if you choose to surf during low tide. This wave works best under southwest and west swells.

During these swells, the wave at Manzanillo Bay will have a quick takeoff, a relatively steep drop that leads into a quick wall section.

On a good day, this quick section could be barreling and lead you straight out of the wave and back into the channel for you to paddle right back out into the lineup.

Playa Linda

Playa Linda is a left hand point break that breaks directly out front of a rivermouth.

Waves can be found at this spot at all times throughout the year, and during all swells, but best conditions occur during a west swell.

When this swell comes in, you will find yourself on extremely long left rides that you have to kick out of because you are tired and out of energy. If lefts aren’t fully your speed, there is a bit of a short right hand wave available.

This wave is known to be softer and slower, so it is a great wave for beginner and intermediate surfers to practice on.


Escolleras is an exposed beach break that is another extremely consistent and reliable wave that is working all year round.

While it is a beach break, the right at Escolleras tend to be just a bit better than the left handers.

You can find the best waves here under a southwest swell which occurs most often during the winter season, more specifically in the month of January.

Since this wave is pretty reliable, it attracts a bit of a crowd, so if you are looking for a surf all on your own, this probably isn’t the spot for you.

What To Do In Saladita When the Waves Are Flat

Saladita experiences a variety of waves year round, but it's practically impossible to surf all day long.

If you are feeling a bit tired from your sessions, don’t worry, there is more to Saladita than just the surf. First off, you simply could just enjoy the beach.

Lay out, relax, and dip your feet in the water. I promise you, it’ll never be too cold.

Another highlight is the food here.

From fresh fruit to mouthwatering tacos, your stomach will be more than satisfied.

Beware though, don’t drink the tap water, stick to the bottled water! Lastly, simply explore the surrounding towns. There is so much artwork and culture to see and experience for the first time.

Saladita Surfing

Saladita truly has some of the best waves I have ever surfed and the most beautiful surroundings.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, I guess you’ll just have to go and visit for yourself!

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