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Jupiter Beach Surf Guide: Where to Surf & Where to Park

With fun-sized swell and several waves to choose from, Jupiter Beach in South Florida can be a surfer's paradise — if you know where to go.

In this Jupiter Beach Surf Guide, I'll break down everything you need to know about surfing in this Florida beach town.

Jupiter Beach Surf Guide

When Does Jupiter Beach See Waves?

Jupiter sees the best waves during two main seasons:

The Fall

Jupiter sees plenty of swell during hurricane season.


Thanks to cold fronts and refraction swells producing blue water barrels, winter is a fun time to surf in Jupiter.

Where to Surf in Jupiter

Jupiter Inlet

Jupiter Inlet can funnel in fun swell with faces wide open for carving.

Juno Beach Pier

A fun wave that breaks on both sides of the pier, Juno Beach can be the place to go if waves aren't breaking in the Jupiter region. Keep in mind though that the Juno Beach Pier is often the most crowded surf break in the area.


Because of its beach-break nature, there are many waves spread throughout the Jupiter region, identified by the numbers associated with the showers in the area. If it's not crowded, you can park right in front of certain showers and paddle out.

The Bottom Line: Jupiter Beach Surf Guide

Jupiter can be a fun place to surf — if you know where to go.

Use this guide to help you score fun waves the next time you visit this laid-back surf town.


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