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How to Surf Typhoon Lagoon at Walt Disney World Resort

A staple attraction of Disney World Orlando, Florida, Typhoon Lagoon, a wave pool, has been around since 1989.

The Lagoon has been a great addition to the Disney theme parks, offering a taste of the beach in Orlando, landlocked in the middle of Florida.

This wave pool is the oldest and longest running one in North America, making it an iconic step for man-made waves.

Now that there are other wave pools like the Surf Ranch and BSR, Typhoon Lagoon has fallen off the top of the surf pool destination checklist mainly because it is older and the wave is not as advanced as these new ones.

Although there are more advanced man-made waves in North America now, Typhoon Lagoon is a must-try due to it being way ahead of its time back in the day and making a step towards where we have come along in wave pool history.

What is Typhoon Lagoon?

Typhoon Lagoon is a made-made wave pool located in the Walt Disney World theme parks.

Here, you can surf the waves with friends, strangers, by yourself, or even get some surf lessons from park instructors.

The pool has crystal, aqua blue waters and the waves are generated by chambers that use a water drop and displace strategy- not Disney’s magic, which they will usually say so that they do not have to explain these confusing terms.

How Do You Surf Typhoon Lagoon?

Before jumping into buying tickets for the Lagoon, you should be sure to know the details of the process between wanting to surf the lagoon and then actually getting there.

First off, there are two, kind of three, options for surfing the Lagoon: ‘Open Surf’ and ‘Private Surf’.

In the ‘Private Surf’, you can either surf it just yourself or invite a fairly large amount of people to surf it as a private event.

For the ‘Private Surf’, you get up to 100 waves all for you and your friends or party of people that you choose to invite.

You can invite up to 25 people. If you wish to invite more, it will cost more and you cannot exceed the amount of 40 people. For the ‘Open Surf’, you will surf with other people for three whole hours.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon website says that everyone is guaranteed 10 waves, but you might get more. You may choose surfing in either the morning or the evening, after the park is closed.

Get there 30 minutes before you are scheduled to start so that you can get your paperwork done and get prepared for the wave without the expense of your waves going to waste.

Guests that are under the age of 18 need a parent’s permission to participate.

How Much Does Surfing Typhoon Lagoon Cost?

Let's start with the ‘Open Surf’ costs. For the morning, 6:45a.m.-9:45a.m. (any day of the week), it will be $229.

For the evening (after park close), Sunday-Thursday will be $249 and Friday & Saturday will be $289. The prices listed have tax included.

For ‘Private Surf’, you get 100 waves, can invite 25 people, and you get to play your own music on the park speakers!

For a morning Private Surf, it’ll cost you $1,300. If 100 waves doesn’t sound like enough for you, you can add 25 more for $300 or 50 more for $600.

For the evening Private Surf, it’ll cost you $1,500. If you want to add 25 more waves, it costs an additional $350 and if you want to add 50 more waves, it’ll cost an additional $700.

These costs listed above for the Private Surf are all valid for a normal party of 25.

If you want to add more people, it’ll cost more. 26 to 30 guests is $90 more, 31 to 35 guests is $180, and 36 to 40 guests is $270.

You cannot have more than 40 people in your Private Surf due to safety concerns and over exceeding your time slot.

When Can You Surf Typhoon Lagoon?

Typhoon Lagoon is open all year long, although sometimes it will shut down for refurbishments and updates if needed.

You can either surf the Lagoon in the early morning at 6:45 a.m. until 9:45 a.m. (3 hours) or in the evening 30 minutes after the park closes for 3 hours.

Make sure you get there 30 minutes before your time slot to ensure you get the time with the waves that you paid for.

What Surf Gear Do You Need To Surf Typhoon Lagoon?

According to Disney, guests are responsible for bringing their own boards, towels, and any other surfing equipment.

We should add here to bring a leash ... we've seen leashless boards get thrashed on the concrete deck more times than not.

If you choose to surf Typhoon Lagoon during the winter, when Orlando can get a little chilly, you should bring a spring suit and a full wetsuit.

The water in the Lagoon is heated, but if the air is chilly, you should wear either your full suit or spring suit for maximum comfort.

Most of the year, you will be fine in just a bikini or board shorts and you should wear a rash guard for sun protection or anti-rash comfort.

What Kind Of Wave Can You Surf At Typhoon Lagoon?

You can surf all kinds of waves at the Lagoon, although the waves themselves are a little mushy and slower than the more new man-made wave parks.

You can have a right peak, left peak,or A-Frame peak (center).

The A-frame waves are only offered during the evening sessions because they take longer to produce. You can also split up which types of waves that you wish to surf.

For example, you could do 50 lefts and 50 rights, etc.

Surfing Typhoon Lagoon

Overall, Typhoon Lagoon is very pricey but not nearly as much as newer man-made waves like BSR and Surf Ranch.

It’s an older wave, considering it’s the first and oldest one in North America, so the waves aren’t as advanced even though it’s always a fun time to have with friends or family!

The Typhoon Lagoon is definitely something to experience at some point in your life, especially if you are already on a trip to Disney or Florida.


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