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How I Got the Shot: Joel Tudor Barreled in La Jolla

Editor's Note: Our "How I Got the Shot" feature talks with today's leading photographers to get the story behind their most captivating surf photos. This article features surf photographer Jared Weintraub.

Capturing Joel Tudor getting barreled on that epic wave in La Jolla was absolutely insane! It was January 2021, and word was out that the swell of the year was hitting. So, with my water housing strapped on tight, I dove into the water, ready to get right in the thick of it. 

The wave itself was this stunning aqua blue/green color, and as Joel paddled in, after waiting hours for his wave, you could feel the energy building.

The wave started to barrel, forming this perfect tube that just screamed power and beauty.

Joel was on fire, navigating the barrel with such skill and style, disappearing and reappearing like a pro. 

I had my camera locked and loaded, and just as Joel hit that sweet spot in the barrel, I snapped the shot.

The colors were unreal, the action was intense, and I knew right then and there that I'd captured something special.

It wasn't just a killer shot of Joel Tudor doing his thing – it was a snapshot of pure surfing magic, a moment where everything came together perfectly. I live for days like that in the water!


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