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How I Got the Shot: A Secret Slab in Southern California

Editor's Note: Our "How I Got the Shot" feature talks with today's leading photographers to get the story behind their most captivating surf photos. This article features surf photographer Jared Weintraub.

This moment out at a secret reef in Southern California was one for the books.

This moment out at a secret reef in Southern 

Armed with my trusty water housing and my 50mm lens, I embarked  on what felt like a solo adventure out to an elusive slabbing wave.

It was no small feat – swimming a  quarter mile out to the reef, but I was determined to capture the raw power of the ocean in all its glory. 

The overcast sky lent an unexpected vibrancy to the water, casting a surreal hue over the scene. As I 

bobbed in the water, waiting for the perfect wave, I could feel the anticipation building with each passing moment.

And then, like a silent giant rising from the depths, it appeared – the heavy wave slabbed on the reef, unleashing its fury. 

For more of Jared's surf photography, visit his website.


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