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The 5 Best Places to Surf in Guatemala (Guatemala Surf Guide)

Right above El Salvador is the equally surf-providing country of Guatemala in Central America.

With unique and beautiful architecture, mountains, beaches and culture, a trip to Guatemala should be high on your bucket list.

The surf breaks here in Guatemala are relatively empty compared to other neighboring countries’ waves.

Here, you will find mellow surf with waves that can be small enough for beginners to learn and then other times large enough for barreling, perfect waves for the more advanced surfers.

The water is a beautiful blue-green and warm enough for comfort which will make you want to stay out all day long.

When to Surf in Guatemala

The best time of the year to surf Guatemala if you are itching for bigger and more consistent surf is the wet season which is between May and October.

If you are looking for smaller, more mellow, easier surf, then you should go during the dry season which is between December to April.

Guatemala is still up and coming when it comes to traveling for surfers.

Roads and directions to good waves and beaches can get confusing at times, but it makes for less crowds and more surfing for you… as long as you are up for an adventure!

The Surf Culture in Guatemala

Surf culture in Guatemala runs deep in history.

The locals who live here have had their families here for generations and generations.

Although you would think the locals would be territorial of their paradise, everyone is very welcoming and loves to teach others the art of surfing.

When surfing in this paradise, be sure to be respectful and the locals will also respect you.

Gear Needed to Surf in Guatemala

No need for any cold water gear here in Guatemala!

With a lovely, tropical climate, you will be comfortable in the warm water and air while surfing.

Pack a lot of board shorts or bikinis, because that’s all you will need.

Although you do not need any cold water gear to cover skin from chilly temperatures, you should pack sunscreen, rash guard or surf suit to protect yourself from strong UV rays and rashes while surfing so that you can stay out longer and be more comfortable in the long run.

Nobody likes surfing while being sunburnt!

Top 5 Best Waves in Guatemala


A river mouth break, this spot attracts both rights and lefts on its sand bottom.

All levels of surfers are welcomed here although beginners should only surf it on its smaller days.

This is an extremely uncrowded spot which makes surfing here on good days even better.

The conditions for this spot would be a S swell paired with N, E, or NE winds.

The average wave height is around 4-5 ft but this spot can hold large swells as well.

El Paredon

One of the best spots to surf in Guatemala, El Paredon offers fast paced, hollow waves.

All levels of surfers are welcomed here, although it is best for only advanced surfers to go out on those bigger, heavier days.

This spot is a beach break on thin sand and the waves go both left and right.

The crowd here is relatively small and the break itself is located in a national park.

The best swell direction is a SW, S or SE swell with offshore winds.


Another beach break that has both lefts and rights, Champerico is a fast paced wave for all skill levels.

The best conditions to surf this spot would be a W or E swell paired with either SW or NE winds.

The crowd is very small or almost empty due to the remoteness of it.


This sandbar beach break is another fun spot to try that has both lefts and rights.

The best conditions for this spot would be a NE wind paired with a SW swell.

The crowd isn’t too bad here either, as for most Guatemala surf spots. Surfers of all experience are welcomed here depending on the swell size.

Be careful of rip currents.

Things To Do In Guatemala When Waves Are Flat

Guatemala is home to some of the most beautiful architecture and natural scenery.

Go visit famous landmarks including Tikal National Park, Santa Catalina Arch, Constitution Plaza, Hill of the Cross and Lake Atitlán. Outdoor activities include white water rafting, hiking, kayaking, climbing, and mountain biking. This country is the ultimate trip for the traveler that likes to be active and explore.

There is also amazing food and some of the nicest people you will meet on a foreign trip.

Surfing in Guatemala

The country of Guatemala is a unique and good surf trip destination option.

Although the surf spots are all beach breaks, they each have their own unique charm to them…without crowds.

If you are looking to go off-grid, this is the place. The community here thrives within and waits to welcome travelers searching for an adventure.


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