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Gallery: 2022 Folly Beach Wahine Classic Promotes Female Empowerment

On July 30 & July 31, a few hundred gathered at the iconic Washout in Folly Beach, South Carolina, for an annual and empowering tradition: the Wahine Classic.

Recognized as the first all-women's surf contest in South Carolina, the Wahine Classic began in 2001 with the mission to empower female surfers in the region by gving them the lineup to enjoy, build camaraderie, and compete.

More than a decade later, the Wahine Classic saw one of their largest crowds yet, a beach carnival-like atmosphere,17 surfboard disciplines, fun-sized waves, entertaining surf heats, cash prizes, and was plastic-free and zero-waste. Above all, the event continued its mission: recognizing female surfers, empowering them, and preserving the beach and the sport for future wahine.

Check out some of the action from the Washout below.

Photos courtesy Emily Rittenhouse

2022 Folly Beach Wahine Classic Final Results

Pro Shortboard

1st — Anna Bloess (GA) $1,000

2nd — Jenny Brown (SC) $500

3rd — Kristen Tanner (SC) $300

4th — Story Martinez (VA) $200

Pro Longboard

1st — Anna Bloess (GA) $1,000

2nd — Katie Barattini (SC) $500

3rd — Becca Kenney (NC) $300

4th — Madison Bennett (FL) $200

Menehune Shortboard

1st — Story Martinez

2nd — Eden Costa

3rd — Adleigh Honeycutt

4th — Kallady Youngblood

5th — Carson Hyden

6th — Summer Ciello

Menehune Longboard

1st — Story Martinez

2nd — Kallady Youngblood

3rd — Carson Hyden

4th — Eden Costa

5th — Miller Katherine Folk

6th — Nola Schluep

Girls Shortboard

1st — Annie Adams

2nd — Lani Rodrigues

3rd — Skye Domingez

4th — Sadie McCabe

5th — Grace Dare

6th — Ella Bethard

Girls Longboard

1st — Madison Bennett

2nd — Chloe Valeyko

3rd — Whitney Gwise

4th — Grace Dare

5th — Molly Loring

6th — Ava Thomas

Women’s Shortboard

1st — Anna Bloess

2nd — Abbey Rich

3rd — Becca Kenney

4th — Monica Becerra

5th — Kate Barattini

6th — Krista Grace Hammel

Women’s Longboard

1st — Kate Barattini

2nd — Anna Bloess

3rd — Becca Kenney

4th — Kayella Youngblood

5th — Monica Becerra

6th — Kristen Tanner

Ladies Shortboard

1st — Jen Kline

2nd — Lisa Sweeters

3rd — Perng Hutson

4th — Kristen Litchfield

5th — Veronica Bishop

6th — Lindsay McElveen

Ladies Longboard

1st — Kristin Litchfield

2nd — Katy Grant

3rd — Brianna Stello

4th — Perng Hutson

5th — Joann Bolton

6th — Holly Dyer

Goddess Shortboard

1st — Jenny Brown

2nd — Tara Novit-Thomas

3rd — Jenny Alderman

4th — Damaris Torrent

5th — Marty Mentzer

6th — Barbara Corey

Goddess Longboard

1st — Jenny Brown

2nd — Tara Novit-Thomas

3rd — Jewel Napier

4th — Marty Mentzer

5th — Damaris Torrent

6th — Jenny Alderman

Soft Top U14

1st — Grace Dare

2nd — Whitney Gwise

3rd — Story Martinez

4th — Ainsely Payne

5th — Brynn Johnson

6th — Alina Durbin

Open Stand-up Paddleboard

1st — Marty Mentzer

2nd — Beth Lovett

3rd — Jenny Alderman

4th — Joy Anderson

5th — Cindy Good

Open Bodyboard

1st — Abbey Rich

2nd — Skye Domingez

3rd — Heather Thompson

4th — Tucker McManus

5th — Heather Wall

6th — Evan White

Open Novice

1st — Macy Coler

2nd — Grace Youngblood

3rd — Emmie Coler

4th — Piper Brown

5th — Lorean Stanfield

6th — Kasey O’Haren


1st — Eden Costa & Elliot Ables

2nd — Sarah & Even Thompson

3rd — Chloe Valeyko & partner

4th — Story Martinez & Brynn Johnson

5th — Whitney Gwise & Skye Dominguez


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