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Where to Surf in Flagler Beach

Flagler Beach is a small beach town in Palm Coast, Florida, with a population of 5,265 people.

It’s only 6 miles long but attracts many visitors and locals because of its beauty and chill, remote vibe.

Simply put: Surfing in Flagler Beach is unique.

Since it is so small, there is a tight-knit community that has been around for many years.

Paddle out here, be respectful to the locals, and you’ll hear some fun stories about surfing here “back in the day”.

Flagler Beach is right in between Saint Augustine, 45 minutes away, and New Smyrna Beach, 50 minutes away.

If you are looking for a quiet, smaller surf town, Flagler Beach’s laid-back vibe is a great choice to visit!

Surfing in Flagler Beach

Waves in Flagler Beach

The best time of the year to visit and surf Flagler Beach is during the fall season, especially during a hurricane swell.

Typically, waves here average 2.5 feet although some weeks it will be flat the entire time, and other weeks you may be surprised by a fun 4ft+ swell.

The waves are unpredictable, so don’t trust surf forecasts to be 100% correct.

The surfers who go to check spots every morning are sometimes rewarded with surprise waves.

A west wind is ideal for Flagler Beach — and most north Florida spots like it.

The best tide to surf here would be a lower tide, as high tide typically doesn’t hold swell very well.

Surf Culture in Flagler Beach

The surf culture in Flagler Beach is great.

There is a tight-knit community that lives there and they are welcoming to visitors if you are kind and respectful to the people and the ocean.

Since it is a smaller town, people like to network and connect with visitors and new people.

Four-time world surfing champion Frieda Zambia used to live at and surf Flagler Beach.

This spot is also loved by other professional surfers like Robbie Mccormick.

Gear Needed to Surf in Flagler Beach

Florida is a warm area of America, but since Flagler Beach is north Florida, you will, unfortunately, need some cold water gear in the late fall, winter, and early spring.

In the late fall, just around hurricane season or a little after, you will need a spring suit or wetsuit top.

In the winter, you usually only need a 3/2 full wetsuit although some winters can be colder than others and you may need to pair some booties for a month.

In the spring, things start to warm up… fast.

By the end of March, you could be wearing a spring suit. April to early May is the transition to board shorts and bikinis and it stays that way for a while!

The Best Places to Surf in Flagler Beach

The Pier

An oldie but a goodie, the Flagler Beach Pier is the main break at Flagler Beach.

You will catch most people surfing here since the town is small and lacks more options to scout out.

With that being said, whether the waves are firing or there are tiny waves, the pier is bound to be the most crowded spot to surf within Flagler Beach although the crowd rarely gets “packed”.

Many surfers at Flagler Beach tend to drive up to Saint Augustine or down to Ponce Inlet or New Smyrna Beach for bigger swells.

The Pier is a beach break that works best at a lower tide. The south side of it is a popular spot to surf!

“The Watertower”

A local favorite, the Flagler Beach Water Tower provides a fun sand bar to surf if the pier is too crowded!

There is a beach access right near S Central Ave and the A1A connection.

The break itself is very similar to all other Flagler Beach surf spots. It works best at a lower tide or around mid tide.

It’s right next to Gamble Rogers Beach, kayak rentals, and hiking trails.

This local park near the spot provides bathrooms as well, which is a plus!

11th Street

As someone who surfs Flagler Beach on rare occasions because of the drive from my home, I asked a Flagler Beach local friend to share another spot most people don’t talk about enough.

I was given an inside pointer that 11th St., north of the pier, holds swell well on the sandbar there.

11th St. is a beach break that works well with a lower tide that’s pushing high.

What To Do In Flagler Beach When There's No Surf

When the waves are looking flat or too small, Flagler Beach offers fun alternative things to enjoy!

The beaches themselves at Flagler Beach are beautiful, it is easy to find a nice, quiet spot on the beach all to yourself since it is a smaller town. Want another nature option?

The Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area is a beautiful state park with 144 acres of scenery.

Looking for a tasty beverage with a great view? Flagler Beachfront Winery offers just that and it’s perfect after a long beach day in the sun.

If you are looking to experience something else that you can’t find in many places in Florida, Equestrian Adventures of Florida will take you on a leisurely ride with horses… on the beach!

Flagler Beach Surfing

Overall, there aren’t many different surf spot options here in Flagler Beach, though the waves are still very fun!

Small town vibes are perfect here and the community is kind and welcoming. Come visit Flagler Beach for a quiet, remote, surf and restful trip! You won’t be disappointed.


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