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The Best Bucket Hats for 2024

Recently, fashion trends have led us back to the versatile bucket hat.

Offering protection from both rainy and sunny weather, the bucket hat is a must have for wave checks and drives to the beach.

We’ll run down some of the basics of buying a bucket hat.

Do You Need A Bucket Hat?

Bucket hats are a great alternative to wearing a baseball cap.

They fit snugly on your head all while offering a 360 degree brim providing you with optimal sun protection.

Not only are they great for sun protection but they provide protection from rainy weather as well.

This is a must have for all surfers as they lounge on the beach after a long session because getting sunburnt is no fun.

On top of being incredibly practical, bucket hats are oh-so-stylish. They are a perfect addition to anyone's wardrobe and many brands offer fun colors to go with your favorite board shorts.

Many bucket hats come with a chin strap and extra back neck protection making them perfect for a tight and comfortable fit.

What To Look For in a Bucket Hat

Durability of Bucket Hat

You want to make sure you buy a bucket hat that will last, especially as it braves the elements with you.


Most bucket hats are made of cotton and will provide you with plenty of durability to protect against sun and rain.


Then look at the overall comfort of the hat.

Most bucket hats come in a one size fits all but others offer S/M/L sizes.

A plus of wearing a bucket hat is how stylish they are. Many surf brands offer a stylish bucket hat that will accompany your wardrobe perfectly.

Cost of a Bucket Hat

Finally, the average cost of a bucket hat is around the $25-$35 range, if you’re going over that range make sure it's because the bucket hat has extra features like a chin strap for example.

Bucket Hats Consider

Billabong Bucket Hat

Billabong’s Wrangler Sacred Sun Reversible Bucket Hat is a stylish bucket hat that would look great on anyone. It’s made out of polyester and is a standard bucket hat without much extra features.

However, this bucket hat is two patterns in one depending on your mood, making up for its lack of sun protection features.

This hat is incredibly affordable and is only about $21.

Learn more about this bucket hat.

Rip Curl Bucket Hat

Rip Curl’s Surf Series Bucket Hat is a quintessential bucket hat.

It offers pretty much everything including a chin strap and extra sun protection with the detachable back neck flap.

It's made out of polyester making it fairly waterproof. It comes in three different colors and is only $27.99.

This bucket hat is a great addition to your hat collection and can be easily styled.

Learn more about this bucket hat.

RVCA Bucket Hat

The RVCA Surf Bucket Hat is a great waterproof bucket hat. Made entirely out of nylon-poplin, this bucket hat can be taken out to the surf with you.

Along with mesh side panels to drain water, the hat offers a plethora of sun protection while surfing.

The added chin strap is also great for staying on during a nasty wipeout.

Since these hats are made out of durable waterproof material the price comes at $50.

Learn more about this bucket hat.

Quiksilver Bucket Hat

Quiksilver’s addition to the bucket hat game isn’t anything special.

Coming in around $40 this bucket hat isn’t the best option on the market.

It’s made out of a durable cotton canvas but doesn’t have any special features like a chin strap.

What it lacks in practicality it makes up for in style.

This bucket hat looks like it was taken straight out of the 90s with the old school Quiksilver logo plastered on the front.

Learn more about this bucket hat.

The Bottom Line: Bucket Hats

The bucket hat is a fun switch up from an average hat.

Not only are they incredibly stylish but they are also very practical. They are great for protection from all types of weather and some bucket hats can even be taken out to the surf.

Either way, next time you feel like you’re getting sunburnt while checking the waves or hanging with your friends at the beach then look no further than the classic bucket hat.


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