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Best Places to Surf in Florianopolis Surf Guide

Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, has some of the best and most consistent surfing in all of Brazil.

The main, big city is connected by bridge to the nature-filled island with wonderful views and beautiful beaches with great waves.

If you are looking at Brazil for a surf trip, Florianopolis is the spot.

Florianopolis Surf Guide

Surfing in Florianopolis is unique because of the wonderful culture and community in town paired along with some of Brazil’s finest and most consistent waves.

The insane nature allows for surfing with views of blue waters, hills, forests, fishing towns, rocks, and caves.

You get all of the best parts of a surf trip here in Florianopolis.

When to Surf in Florianopolis

The best season to surf in Florianopolis is during their winter although the waves here are very consistent year-round. During the winter you will find consistently bigger surf around head high or over head. Since Florianopolis is shaped at all angles and there are surf breaks all the way down the shaped coast, each break works with different, certain conditions in which I will mention later on as I discuss the best surf breaks.

Surf Culture in Florianopolis

Surf culture in Florianopolis is thriving and well.

Within each part of the coast, there are little surf towns that have deep culture in surfing.

These locals know the breaks like the back of their hand and they will flock to whichever break looks like the conditions are perfect for.

When the waves get very big, the locals will take over the lineup and you should be sure to be aware and respectful of them.

Things can get competitive out there, as with any surf break and towns, and as long as you are respectful, others will be cool.

Surf Gear Needed to Surf in Florianopolis

The surf gear you will need is your bikini and board shorts, a 3/2 full suit, and a spring suit or wetsuit top.

The highest yearly water temperature is around 79 degrees fahrenheit in which you can wear your summer gear like a bikini or board shorts.

The lowest yearly water temperature is around 65 degrees fahrenheit.

If you get cold easily, you should wear a full 3/2 full suit, otherwise you may be fine in a spring suit or wetsuit top.

The Top Surf Spots in Florianopolis

Praia Mole

Praia Mole is a beautiful squishy sanded beach with crystal blue water and great waves for everyone.

Mole has a beach break that’s on sand and works at any tide although when it’s right in the middle, it’s best.

This break is very consistent year-round and there are both lefts and rights which is probably why this spot is so popular.

It can get very crowded when the waves are looking good, but the vibes are still good and people are very friendly.

The ideal conditions for Praia Mole would be an E or S swell paired with NW winds.

Praia Joaquina/Joaca

Joaca is a very unique surf spot. I say this because it is considered a “sport beach” due to the stadium lights on the beach that allow for night surfing.

There are massive, smooth rocks for chilling and sight-seeing at the edge of the break.

There are some very consistent ground swells that roll good waves through year-round although the waves are best during the winter and also much bigger.

This spot is a sand-bottomed beach break that works the best during low tide pushing high.

Joaca holds massive swells which is probably why the crowd gets heavy during a good run of waves.

The ideal conditions for this spot is a S or E swell paired with NW winds.

Praia Galheta

This surf break is the peak of beauty and adventure for surfing in Florianopolis.

The spot is amazing although you should be prepared for the foot hike to get there.

Take a shortboard and surf it when the conditions line up.

Either way, the spot is pretty secluded which is why the beach itself is a nude option beach.

The lineup isn’t crowded and all levels of surfers are welcomed here.

This oasis works best on a low tide pushing high with E, SE, or S swell paired with W or N winds.

Galheta is a great stop to take a day trip and steak out at- if you’re ok with the few random nudists.

Moro das Pedras

Moro das Pedras is a great and consistent beak break that isn’t too crowded.

There are long hollow rights that work year round and are best at middle tide.

All abilities are welcomed here and the spot holds swell really well. The ideal conditions are a S swell paired with W or NW winds.


Considered one of Brazil’s best and most famous waves, Campeche is a sand bottomed break that works right hand barrels at low or medium tide.

The spot itself is not consistent at all but when it’s on, it’s on.

During the winter, the waves here can get really big and every local and more people are on it which makes it very crowded and intimidating.

The best conditions are a S swell with W or NW winds.

What To Do in Florianopolis When Waves Are Flat

In case you find yourself in Florianopolis on the rare occasion when it’s flat or if you are surfed out and looking for something else to experience or explore, this city has a lot to offer- and most of it includes beach life.

The beaches in Florianopolis are what draws people here because of less of a crowd than Rio and other popular places in Brazil.

There are more secluded areas like fishing towns and little local neighborhoods that have been around for a long time.

You can go exploring around the forests with hiking and zip lining or you could explore around the water with snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, and boating.

If you are looking for more business to experience, take a tour of the historic Florianopolis city and see all that it has to offer.

Florianopolis Surf Guide

Florianopolis is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in all of Brazil with both city life and quiet beach life to offer along with world class waves.

There isn’t much debate that this place is the perfect surf trip destination.


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