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Best Lifeguard Movies

  1. "Baywatch" (2017)

  • This action-comedy film is a modern adaptation of the popular TV series "Baywatch." It follows a team of lifeguards led by Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron as they uncover a criminal plot while patrolling the beaches of California.

  1. "The Lifeguard" (2013)

  • Starring Kristen Bell, this indie drama follows a 29-year-old journalist who returns to her hometown and takes a job as a lifeguard, seeking to escape the responsibilities of adult life.

  1. "Palm Springs Weekend" (1963)

  • While not entirely focused on lifeguards, this classic film set during spring break at Palm Springs features lifeguard characters and the dynamics of their lives during this eventful weekend.

  1. "The Swimmer" (1968)

  • Starring Burt Lancaster, this drama revolves around a man who decides to swim through his neighbors' pools in a suburban community, reflecting on his life as he progresses through the pools.

  1. "Point Break" (1991)

  • While it's primarily an action thriller about surfing and bank robberies, it features lifeguards and their lifestyle, offering a glimpse into the surfing and beach culture.

  1. "The Perfect Summer" (2013)

  • This family-friendly film follows a teenage surfer who befriends the town's legendary "Soul Surfer" and learns about life and surfing while working as a lifeguard.

  1. "Spring Break Shark Attack" (2005)

  • While more focused on a shark attack during spring break, this movie involves lifeguards and their efforts to protect beachgoers from danger.

  1. "Back to the Beach" (1987)

  • A comedy film featuring Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon returning as their '60s characters, dealing with their daughter's rebelliousness while also featuring lifeguard-related scenes.

  1. "The Sand" (2015)

  • In this horror-comedy, a group of friends becomes trapped on a beach by a mysterious force beneath the sand. Lifeguarding skills come into play as they try to survive.

  1. "The Shallows" (2016)

  • While primarily a survival thriller, it involves a stranded surfer dealing with a shark threat. Lifeguarding instincts and skills are showcased as she fights to survive.


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