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The Best Bodyboard Books To Read

  1. "The Bodyboard Manual: The Essential Guide to Bodyboarding" by Rob Barber

  • This comprehensive guide covers everything from the basics to advanced techniques in bodyboarding, including wave selection, maneuvers, equipment, and safety tips.

  1. "Bodyboard Travel Guide: World's Best Bodyboarding Waves" by Owen Pye

  • A travel guidebook highlighting some of the world's best bodyboarding spots, offering insights into waves, local culture, and practical tips for bodyboarders exploring these destinations.

  1. "Bodyboard: A Guide to the Sport" by Craig Lockwood

  • An introductory book that covers the fundamentals of bodyboarding, including board selection, riding techniques, wave dynamics, and safety considerations.

  1. "Riding the Wave: The Culture of Bodyboarding" by Tim Baker

  • This book delves into the culture and history of bodyboarding, exploring its roots, evolution, and the community surrounding the sport.

  1. "The Bodyboard Travel Guide: Explore the World, Practice Bodyboarding" by Javier Villa

  • Another travel-focused guidebook that provides information on various bodyboarding destinations worldwide, featuring tips for travelers and enthusiasts.

  1. "Bodyboarding: A Guide to Wave Riding" by Paul Roach

  • Authored by a professional bodyboarder, this book offers insights into wave riding techniques, maneuvers, and tips for improving your bodyboarding skills.

  1. "The Bodyboard Travel Guide: The 100 Most Awesome Waves on the Planet" by Owen Pye

  • Another travel-focused guidebook that highlights 100 of the best bodyboarding waves globally, providing detailed information for enthusiasts seeking thrilling surf destinations.

  1. "Bodyboarding: Making the Drop" by Will Lucas

  • This book covers the basics of bodyboarding, offering guidance for beginners on paddling out, catching waves, turning, and advancing their skills in the sport.

  1. "The Bodyboard Manual: The Complete Guide to Boogie Boarding" by Rob Barber and Matt Sharp

  • A comprehensive guide covering various aspects of bodyboarding, including equipment, technique, wave selection, and safety, suitable for beginners and intermediate riders.

  1. "The Art of Bodyboarding: A Complete Guide to Catching More Waves" by Fred Simpson

  • An instructional book focusing on wave selection, riding strategies, and refining bodyboarding skills to enhance the overall wave-riding experience.

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