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The Best Surfboard Bags of 2024 Ranked & Reviewed

Finding your perfect surfboard bag is one of the most important things that you need to do before packing up and going on a surf trip.

Instead of stressing out the entire plane ride, wondering whether your board will come out in one solid piece, relieve some of that stress by being confident in your equipment.

In this article we will break down some of the best surfboard bags on the market today, and why they would be a great next purchase for you!

The Best Surfboard Bags Today

DaKine’s Surfboard Bag

DaKine has crafted a surfboard bag with 10mm of foam padding all throughout to guarantee your board isn’t dinged during travel.

One feature that sets this bag apart is its TPU ventilation, which allows your board to stay cool and combat against any potential heat damage.

This board comes anywhere from 7’ to 10’2” long, which all range in prices.

Learn more about this surfboard bag.

Pro-Lite’s Surfboard Bag

The Pro-Lite Surfboard bag is strategically designed for airline travel and making sure your board makes it to your destination in one piece.

This bag comes in many variations of sizes that can fit up to 3 shortboards.

With a large exterior zipper, this bag has a perfect place for your wetsuit to keep it from getting water all over your car.

Learn more about this surfboard bag.

Channel Islands Surfboard Bag

Similar to Dakine’s, Channel Islands surfboard bag is protected with 10mm padding all throughout the casing.

Along with this, it has features like a corrosion proof zipper, leash string pull tabs, and a latch that can connect to a rolling bag.

All these features set this bag apart and make it a great option for your next surf trip.

Learn more about this surfboard bag.

Ho Stevie! Surfboard Sock Cover

Unlike the other bags, the Ho Stevie Sock Cover works best for day to day use while transporting your surfboard to and from your car.

This bag doesn’t have any additional padding, so it primarily serves to protect your bag from scratches and sun damage.

Because of this, you wouldn’t want to use this product for airline travel, but it still is a great affordable option for everyday utilization.

Learn more about this surfboard bag.

DIY Surfboard Bag

If you are looking to create your own surfboard bag, your best option is to create one similar to the Ho Stevie sock cover.

First off, you want to get the length and width of your surfboard and use those measurements to cut out fabric that will wrap around your entire board with a little extra fabric to spare.

From there, you will need thread and a sewing machine to complete the process.

Advantages of a Surfboard Bag

Having a board bag can ultimately save you money and increase the lifespan of your surfboard.

While transporting your board to and from your car, you could potentially ding your board, causing you to spend extra money on repairs or even a new board.

However, with a board bag you can prevent all these little dings and keep your board looking good as new. Along with this, a board bag opens the door to easier surf trips.

Traveling with a board can be a little sketchy since you never know who is going to be handling your board.

Luckily, having a durable and reliable board bag can protect your surfboard as you go across the country, or even the world.

Disadvantages of a Surfboard Bag

Some disadvantages of a surfboard bag could be efficiency, cleanliness, and price.

If you are in a rush, putting a board back in a bag or taking it out could take some extra time that you may not have. Board bags are also known to collect and hold onto some sand.

Since there may be a little extra wax stuck on the inside of the bag, sand and dirt will likely also remain. The last possible downside could be its price.

Depending on which bag you choose and the material it is made up of, a board bag could really rack up in price.

Though, it is important to consider whether prices in potential damages would outweigh the cost of the bag itself.

Features to Look For In a Surfboard Bag

Price of the Surfboard Bag

Although board bags are high quality and worth a purchase, it is important to make sure it isn’t exceeding how much you would be willing to pay for repairs.

Durability of the Surfboard Bag

Since board bags are meant to protect your surfboard, keep your eye out for top of the line material that will effectively absorb drops and dings.

Size of the Surfboard Bag

While shopping for bags, take a peek at the available sizes and choose one that matches the size of your surfboard.

Later on in this article, we will look a little closer at how the excess space in a board bag can play into extra room for padding and protection.

Surfboard Bags: FAQs

Q. How do I choose a surf bag?

Picking a surf bag comes down to some of your own personal preferences.

You need to take into consideration how much you are willing to pay and what style you are looking for.

Beyond this, you need to make sure you are choosing the right size bag to fit the length of your board, and picking a thicker bag if you are planning on flying with your surfboard.

Since you can’t control how workers will handle your board, a thicker board bag has a better chance at protecting your board from potential dings.

Q. How do I protect my surfboard when flying?

There are a few further precautions that surfers take when flying with their board to ensure that they arrive at their destination safely.

While techniques vary from person to person, some common things people do is place pool noodles on the rails of their board, stuff towels in the bag, or use bubble wrap.

All these things add additional paddling to combat that chance that your surfboard could be thrown around.

Since these techniques add additional size to your board, many surfers buy a bigger surf bag than needed, so they have room for this extra padding.

Q. What size surf bag do I need?

Size of surf bags vary according to the length of your surfboard.

Ideally, you would want to pick a surfboard bag that matches the length of your board, while leaving a little extra space for padding.

If you are planning on traveling with multiple boards, you may want to invest in a larger board bag with extra room and is suitable for 2 or more surfboards.

Q. Do you need a bag for a foam surfboard?

If you are simply transporting your foam surfboard in and out of your car, a bag isn’t necessary.

Foam surfboards are made of a material that is more susceptible to impact and can handle transportation like this very easily.

However, if you are planning to fly with a foam board, you may want to purchase a board bag to make the travel more easy and efficient.

The Bottom Line: Surfboard Bag

Surfboard bags can keep your surfboards looking good as new and lasting much longer.

Not only will they protect from potential dings, but they will make sure your board isn’t stained yellow like an 100 year old board which never left the direct sunlight.

So, if you are worried about these issues happening to your board, invest in a surfboard bag and help solve these problems.

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Emily Anderson
Emily Anderson
Dec 29, 2023

Useful info but I bought my surfboard bag already that is also good for my board. anyone can easily trust on it.

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