Do You Need a Surf Changing Mat?

Keeping your feet clean and free from dirt and sand is nearly impossible when changing into your wetsuit.

Not only is this annoying — it can actually tear up your wetsuit and shorten its life.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could prevent this?

That's where a surf changing mat comes in.

What is a surf changing mat?

Which one is the best surf changing mat?

Do I even need a surf changing mat?

We'll answer all these questions — and more — in this surf changing mat guide.

What is a Surf Changing Mat?

A surf changing mat is an accessory that keeps your feet clean while you change into your wetsuit.

It has many advantages — keeping your feet clean, dry and warm, and protecting your wetsuit — and few disadvantages.

The Best Surf Changing Mats

HO Stevie Surf Changing Mat

Not only does the Ho Stevie Wetsuit Changing Mat keep your feet clean and dry — it doubles as a dry bag and allows you to transport your wetsuit.

Learn more about the surf changing mat here.

FCS Change Mat

Made from Laminated 600D Poly material, the FCS Changing Mat is lightweight, flexible and strong.

It's easy to transport, and a pull-tab cord locks for quick opening and closing.

Above all, this surf changing mat option keeps your sandy wet gear inside so your car stays clean.

Learn more about it here.

Dorsal Surf Grass Mat

If you're looking for a more "earthy" surf changing mat, the Dorsal Surf Grass Mat is your best bet.

The artificial grass can be kept clean of sand and dirt with a simple brush down after use.

Plus, the whole changing mat can be hand washed with wetsuit shampoo and hung out to dry.

Learn more about this surf changing mat option here.

The Bottom Line: Surf Changing Mats

At the end of the day, which surf changing mat you choose comes down to personal preference and price point.

Either way, use this list to make your surf changing experience more comfortable.