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Surfing in Russia: Guide

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

With over 37,000 kilometers of coastline, Russia has some amazing potential for surfing, but the harsh weather conditions and frigid waters make it a challenging and less accessible destination for most surfers.

Still, surfing in Russia can be an adventure, if you're willing to brave the harsh conditions.

Best Places to Surf in Russia


One of the most popular surfing spots in Russia is Kamchatka, a remote peninsula in the far east of the country.

The rugged coastline of Kamchatka offers some of the most powerful waves in Russia, with breaks such as Avacha Bay and Khalaktyrsky Beach being the most well-known.

However, due to the extreme weather and difficult access, these waves are only for experienced and adventurous surfers.


Another popular surfing spot in Russia is Kaliningrad, a small Russian exclave located between Poland and Lithuania. This region is known for its Baltic Sea coast, which offers some great surf spots with consistent waves and beautiful beaches.

Surfing in Russia

Russia may not be the most popular surfing destination, but it offers some great opportunities for experienced surfers looking for a unique and challenging experience.

With its rugged coastline, powerful waves, and beautiful scenery, Russia is a hidden gem in the world of surfing.

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