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Nicaragua Surf Guide: When to Go & Where to Surf

With more than 300 days of offshore winds and an expansive coastline, Nicaragua — located between Honduras and Costa Rica in Central America — can be a surfer's paradise.

But only if you know where to stay, surf, and eat.

In this Nicaragua surf guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about surfing in Nicaragua, including the waves, the peak season, and more.

Nicaragua Surf Guide

When is the Best Time to Surf in Nicaragua?

The peak surfing season to surf Nicaragua is the summer, which is why it's a popular travel spot for East Coasters, experiencing the summer doldrums.

How to Get to Nicaragua

Compared to other popular surf destinations, surfing in Nicaragua is simple. Major airlines such as United, American, and Delta fly into Nicaragua’s airport in Managua called Augusto C. Sandino International Airport (MGA).

The Best Waves in Nicaragua


Lefts, rights, open faces, barrels: that's why they call it Playgrounds. Most commonly acessed by boat, this surf break in Nicaragua should be on your list to surf.

Playa Colorado

A hollow beach break, Playa Colorado has several peaks, which make the crowd less of a factor. When the right swell hits, this location can see a powerful swell that can give you the wave of the trip — or break your board.

Playa Santana

A huge beach with several breaks, Playa Santana is another fun surf break in Nicaragua that attracts locals and tourists alike. It can range from waist-high fun-size waves to well overhead during the right swell.


A left-hand point break, Manzanillo features barrels, open faces and a beautiful cliff as a dramatic backdrop.

The Bottom Line: Surfing in Nicaragua

With an expansive coastline and more days of the year than not with offshore winds, Nicaragua is a surfer's dream.

Use this surf guide to help you score and travel safely on your next surf trip.


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