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How Bluetti is Redefining the Modern Surf Adventure

Let's face it: the days of going on a surf trip without any item that needs power — wifi, camera, drone, stove top — are in the past.

From swell forecasting to GPS, capturing once-in-a-lifetime waves, and even the need to access help for an emergency, connectivity is an important facet of the modern-day surf adventure.

Because battery lives are short-lived, you need something to power that connectivity.

That's where the Bluetti AC180 comes in.

It can power everything you need on your next surf adventure — and much more.

Let's break down all that it can power: phones, check. Cameras, check. Drone, check. Help with cooking, check. Since the AC180 only weighs 17kg, you can take it deep into the wild. Additionally, since it's 340mmx247mmx317mm(LxWxH), it doesn't take up that much room in car, on a boat or in a beach wagon.

If you want to go on a modern-day surf adventure, you have to take this modern-day surf adventure accessory.

Through technology and innovation, Bluetti strives to let energy storage empower every family. The AC180 model, perfect for every surf adventure, features:

  • 5-year warranty

  • high output power: 1800W

  • solar charging: 500W

  • an insane battery capacity: 1152HW

But, if you buy the Bluetti AC180 for surf adventures, what do you do without when you aren't, well, adventuring?

Does it stay in the box, taking up room in your residence?

I experienced the need for it in between surf trips. A powerful spring thunderstorm rolled through my area, and within the blink of an eye, everything turned off. Lights, TV, wifi, air conditioning, refrigerator. Everything went dark and silent. The power was completely out.

Instead of waiting for the power to come back on — which would have taken hours — I fired up the Bluetti AC180, and instantly, I had wifi access, light, the ability to plug in a fan, and more.

So, yes, it's the perfect surf adventure accessory. But for anyone in a tropical hurricane zone, or if you're in an area where any type of weather can threaten power, a Bluetti AC180 is not only a nice accessory — it's a much-needed accessory.

Buy yours today here.


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