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Florida Surf Film Festival: One of our Favorite Events is Just Around the Corner

One of our favorite hometown events is coming around the corner again.

Our friends, Kevin Miller and John Brooks, have been gathering the Floridian and global surfing community for over ten years. They have full time jobs. Kevin is an accountant. John is a firefighter. They don't do this to be rich. They do it because they love gathering community. We love it, too. It's a labor of love.

Our industry was born from the community. As an independent surf publication, that is what we are about - community.

This is where you guys can get tickets to their next event coming up on February 2nd - 3rd at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

Just FYI. It sells out every quarter. Here's to another ten years, and hope to see you next weekend!

Oh, and they have a rad podcast called Surf Stories too. Check it out here:

Here is the official presser and schedule from Kevin & John:

New Smyrna Beach, FL - Our first event of 2024 is coming up February 2nd and 3rd at Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach.  We are beyond excited as we launch into our second decade of community stoke, cultural diversity, and documentary filmmaking. Single and two-night passes are now available, and don’t forget to check out our annual Green Room Membership, which is the only way to roll if you want VIP treatment with reserved seats, meals,and drinks included.


Friday night will be a very special two-parter and a little different as we fire up the time machine for a screening of North Shore with John Philbin who played Turtle in attendance!  Arguably the most quoted character from any surf movie, Turtle factually rendered, “When the wave breaks here, don’t be there, or you’re gonna get drilled,” and, “Nobody listens to turtle,” and “Don’t be a barney, barney.” John’s surfing background scored him a role in Point Break as Nathaniel, and his acting chops landed him in many other projects like Tombstone and more.  Gregory Harrison, aka Chandler, is also attending!  We’re also thrilled to share John Philbin’s latest work in CynPosner’s romantic comedy, Undateable John, (Rated R for sexual situations, profanity, and adult situations) where a surf instructor meets his dream girl at an AA meeting.  John and Gregory will join us for a Q and A after North Shore, and we’ll have another opportunity to talk with John after the second segment. 


Saturday night will kick off with local legend Michael Dunphy’s (in attendance) latest short film Redline, which highlights the phenomenal hurricane season of 2023 and includes some recent travels to Indonesia and beyond.  Director Dave Fox shared his first feature film Motel Hell, which takes Harry Bryant through a desert dreamscape, stumbling upon a mysterious oasis, a motel hidden in the dunes.  A glass of enigmatic milk becomes Harry’s ticket to a whirlwind of global adventure, riding mind bending barrels in Ireland, Morocco, Indo, and remote Australia.  Lock yourself into Motel Hell.


The final feature of the weekend will be the sailing/surfing adventure Calypte from festival veterans Torren Martyn and Ishka Folkwell.  With only a handful of days in combined sailing experience between them, Torren, and his partner Aiyana, set off from the east coast of Thailand in early 2022.  They would learn as they go, guided by a few friends with sailing experience, and navigate the South China Sea, up through the Strait of Malacca and around the tip of Sumatra into the Indian Ocean on a year-long expedition in search of waves.  Amidst the sleepless nights, the endless rolling and tossing of the boat, the breakdowns they find some of the most beautiful uncrowded waves this planet has to offer.  This film is visually stunning and with an original soundtrack—not to be missed.  


This past 10 years it has been an honor and a privilege to provide a community event that brings us together and showcases the finest surf films available.  We’re looking forward to kicking off another 10 years of stoke…. Yeeeewwww!

Here’s the anticipated schedule for both nights:

February 2nd, 2024:

5:00 PM – Doors Open

6:30 PM –

• COMMENCEMENT with John Brooks, Festival Director

• North Shore – 96 min. John Philbin, as “Turtle” in attendance and Gregory Harrison, as Chandler

• Raffle – Roark, Globe, Creatures of Leisure

8:30 PM – 

• Undateable John – (Rated R for sexual situations, profanity, and adult situations) Director, Demian Lichtenstein, and producer and writer, Cynthia Posner – 82 min.

• Q & A with John Philbin

• Raffle – Nixon, Yeti, Cronin Surfboards

February 3rd, 2024:


5:00 PM – Doors Open


6:30 PM –

• COMMENCEMENT with John Brooks, Festival Director

• Redline – Michael Dunphy – 13 min

• Motel Hell – Dave Fox – 46 min.

• Raffle – Roark, Globe, Creatures of Leisure


8:30 PM – 


• Calypte – Ishka Folkwell and Torren Martyn – 98 min.

• Raffle – Nixon, YETI, Cronin Surfboards

We are proud to have Monster Energy serve as our presenting sponsor again for this year’s festival, providing travel and lodging for the filmmakers who attend the festival.


Podcast Sponsor:  Surfing’s Evolution and Preservation Foundation


Principal Sponsors:  State of Florida Division of Arts and Culture, Volusia County, Roark, YETI, Sun Bum, Wagner Vasileros – aka The Lawyer Dude, Anson Stoner, Globe Brand Footwear, and Atlantic Center for the Arts.


Major Sponsors:  Persimmon Hollow, Cronin Surfboards, Florida Virtual School, Brian Layman Wealth Management, Cap’n Lu’s – A Health Food Store for Pets, Red Dog Surf Shop, Kembali Board Shack, Café Verde, and Clancy’s Cantina


NSB Sponsors:  Flaunt Electric Bicycles, Scott Yurchison Real Estate, Daytona Climbing Company, Dragon Alliance, LunDev Homes, Nixon, Mangrove Bay Design, Biological Consulting Services, Dr. Phil Stephens at MyEyeDr, Funxion IT, Pura Vida Bracelets, Beachside Tavern, Solento Organic Tequila, Dr. Matt Smith at Natural Health Practices, Daytona Drywall and Plaster, White Claw, Kula Yoga, Magnolia Acres, and Surfrider Foundation Flagler/Volusia.


Media Partnerships include:  There's a few. But let's go who will be in the room. 😉 American Surf Magazine, baby!


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