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Open For Biz: Former World Surfing Champion CJ Hobgood Launches Real Estate Team

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

After retiring from professional surfing, former world champion and part owner in Salty Crew (currently one of the surf industries hottest clothing brands), CJ Hobgood and his wife Cortney are launching their own real estate team.

The launch is made official through the use of an animated explainer-style video primarily used by tech companies.

The short minute-and-a-half animation cleverly tells the backstory on how Team Hobgood was formed through some tongue-in-cheek humor.

Fans will recognize the opening “What Is A Team Hobgood?” line as it is very similar to the opening line in CJ’s award winning biopic documentary film “And Two If By Sea” which tells the story of his relationship with his twin brother Damien while competing on the World Championship Tour of surfing for sixteen years.

With a wealth of real estate sales continuing in Florida, Team Hobgood positions itself to cater to individuals and families looking to move to the sunshine state as well as assist those in Florida looking to sell.

There is also definitely a play for CJ to cater to surfers who might be looking to buy or sell a home and want intel on local surfing or fishing spots.

“Cortney and I wanted to launch the company in a more fun manner and tell the authentic story of how Team Hobgood came to be. So we decided an animated explainer video that normally only tech companies use would be a good way to go, especially with how much tech we are building into our business and with EXP as our partner .” - CJ Hobgood

Cortney added “Selling real estate relies heavily on people knowing and trusting you and CJ built up alot of friends and followers in his career as a professional surfer, so his transition to becoming a real estate agent was very seamless. I was already selling houses so it just made sense."

Team Hobgood has some more announcements coming in the future and CJ is already planning on tying his new career back in with his old one as he plans to soon reveal a new vertical to Team Hobgood that will sell real estate to surfers in locations catering to the type of waves they love.

“I don't want to give too much away right now, but I have something in the works to really capitalize on the growth of the sport of surfing and helping surfers around the world find a vacation home in a place that suites their surfing. More to come…” - CJ said.

For more on Team Hobgood check out their website:


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