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4 Reasons Why You Need a C-Monsta Wetsuit Hanger For Your Surf Gear

Everything was going great — until the cold set in. 

Surfing at an undisclosed East Coast location in cold temperatures, the waves were firing. The early morning sun rising over the horizon revealed exactly what I had road-tripped north for: a long beach break with empty and glassy A-frames peeling on a shallow sandbar. 

Can you really enjoy waves like this in a damp wetsuit?

I couldn’t paddle out fast enough. With such an empty crowd, I tried to take every bump that morphed into an ethereal tube. That’s all I remember about the session; wearing a 4/3, taking wave after wave after wave.

It was a dream. 

What a difference the second session was. The next morning, as if on repeat, I hit the beach at the same time, the same sandy boardwalk. Though the swell was down a touch, clean waves were backlit by the rising sun. The lineup was fairly empty, too. 

I squeezed into my wetsuit and was instantly cold. I paddled out, caught a wave or two, but was shivering the entire time.

No matter how many waves I caught or how much I paddled, the cold wouldn’t stop. It had crept into my veins.

Knowing the only way to warm up, I cut my session way short and paddled in, hurrying to the car for respite. 

Same beachbreak, same swell, same crowd — the difference was a saturated and cold wetsuit. 

The night before, I had hung my wetsuit and booties out to dry, not thinking much about it. But it was that single decision that led to a less than enthusiastic surf experience — and a curiosity to find something on today’s marketplace that could dry my wetsuit. 

A combination of word of mouth and searching online revealed the answer: C-Monsta’s wetsuit hangers.

It’s advertised as not just a wetsuit hanger, but the best wetsuit hanger on the market. 

I had to give it a try on my next surf trip north. 

I unboxed the C-Monsta and it looked like a mix between a coat hanger and a silver crown with perfect symmetry. 

You can't tell us you don't see a crown. But there is a method to the madness. Photo courtesy C-Monsta

Next came the wet and heavy 4/3 wetsuit: I pushed it through the C-Monsta’s openings, and hung my wet and saturated booties on its side panels. 

A one-stop shop for your wetsuit drying needs. Photo courtesy C-Monsta

I initially thought it might fall; I had done this countless times with other hangers, leaving a saturated mess on the bathroom floor.

But the C-Monsta hangar stood strong, and I decided to see the result in the morning. 

While I waited, I dug more into the product and learned that there’s a method to its crown-like symmetrical structure — a robust precision after years of experimentation from the founder Mark Yeadon. 

Living in North Scotland, Mark had no choice but to wear a wetsuit for each surf. He didn’t want to keep getting into a damp wetsuit again and again, because not only was it miserable; it made the suit stink and made it decay that much faster — and he’d be on the hook for a new wetsuit sooner. 

Mark wanted to create a functional wetsuit hanger that could keep not just your wetsuit, but all his gear — wetsuit, gloves, booties, hood — dry. 

His first iterations were derived from wood. Then, he graduated to using types of foam board. After this R&D, he settled on recycled plastic, which was not only strong and durable, but had a low impact on the environment — an integral component for environmentally-friendly surfers.

I scrolled to examine the products features, not knowing a wetsuit hanger could be so fantastically complex. They included: 

Robust buckle makes the strap length adjustable, strong and durable webbing strap, ventilation holes for boots and gloves ... what's not to like with C-Monsta's wetsuit hanger? Photo courtesy C-Monsta

After that, I turned in for the night, curious to see if his product would actually dry my suit overnight. 

This next morning, knowing the waves were forecasted to be good, I went to inspect the wetsuit. I expected it to be wet, damp.

But to my shock it was as dry as it could be. Not just the wetsuit, but my booties and hood, too!

Cozy in and out of the wetsuit. Photo courtesy C-Monsta

Within the hour, I was paddling out into crumbly but fun waves, and staying warm thanks to the dry wetsuit. It may have been one of my longest sessions of the year, too.

For years, we all thought a wetsuit hanger should be simple, and maybe that's where previous products got it wrong. Mark and the C-Monsta team took a rigorous and scientific look at the problem, and came up with a crown-shaped, symmetrical, and durable solution that is, without a doubt, the best wetsuit hanger for both surfers and watermen alike.

Here’s 4 specific things we loved about it. 

#1: The C-Monsta wetsuit hanger works. 

There’s nothing worse than a product that says it will do something and miserably fall short. That’s not the case with the C-Monsta wetsuit hangers.

As I experienced myself, they work in drying your wetsuit — and hood and booties, and anything else you need dry, even a scuba suit!

Best of all, using it has preserved the life (and smell) of my 4/3 wetsuit — keeping money in my pocket. 

The C-Monsta product works even better than advertised.

Built for cold and rugged climates. Photo courtesy C-Monsta

#2: The C-Monsta wetsuit hanger is durable.

Durability may be one of the most important factors when we’re talking about gear that is going to be dipped into the ocean and met with saltwater.

The C-Monsta wetsuit hanger has proven to be durable in the long run; it hasn't warped or corroded, and even after tons of use — the weight of a wetsuit, booties, hood and gloves — it’s as strong as ever.

The C-Monsta wetsuit hanger is a piece of surf equipment that you’ll buy once, and keep for quite a bit of time. 

#3: The C-Monsta wetsuit hanger is flexible.

No, the C-Monsta wetsuit hanger doesn't have to be used in one specific area like your bathroom or outside your house.

It can be used indoors, outdoors, from your SUV’s back door handle and more. 

See? Told ya ... even from the back door of the car. C-Monsta's wetsuit hangers are perfect for your ultimate surf road trip. Photo courtesy C-Monsta

#4: It’s only $35. 

I can’t think of much today that you can buy for the cheap price of $35 that will last through tons of use — and save you money by taking care of expensive products like a wetsuit.

But that’s the price point of C-Monsta’s wetsuit hangers.

It’s not something that will come close to breaking the budget.

What’s impressive is that if you somehow don’t like it, Mark and his team will honor a 30-day money-back guarantee.

But trust us, once you use the C-Monsta wetsuit hanger once, you’ll want to use it again and again and again. 

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Greg Paul
Greg Paul
Mar 30

perfect wetsuit accessory. Who wants a cols wet and clammy wetsuit to climb into.

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