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Best Lifeguard Books To Read

  1. "American Red Cross Lifeguarding Manual" by American Red Cross

  • This comprehensive manual covers all the essential skills and knowledge required for lifeguarding, including water rescue techniques, CPR, first aid, and more.

  1. "Lifeguarding Today" by Red Cross

  • A modern guidebook that covers lifeguarding principles, surveillance techniques, water rescue skills, and emergency care.

  1. "Lifeguarding: A Manual for Recreational and Competitive Swimmers" by B. Chris Brewster

  • This book offers a detailed guide to lifeguarding, focusing on both recreational and competitive swimming scenarios, with insights into effective lifeguarding strategies.

  1. "Lifeguard Training Activities and Games" by Susan J. Grosse

  • A book that provides various training activities and games designed to enhance lifeguard skills and knowledge in an engaging way.

  1. "Lifeguard on Duty" by Douglas Clark

  • A memoir by a veteran lifeguard sharing stories and experiences from the job, offering a glimpse into the challenges and rewards of lifeguarding.

  1. "Be a Hero: The Essential Survival Guide to Active-Shooter Events" by John Geddes and Alun Rees

  • While not specifically about lifeguarding, this book covers essential skills for emergency situations, which can be valuable for lifeguards dealing with various crises.

  1. "The Lifeguard in the Storm: Thoughts on Life's Storms and the Adventure of Lifeguarding" by Dave Pelzer

  • A book that intertwines lifeguarding experiences with broader life lessons and reflections on dealing with storms both literal and metaphorical.

  1. "Lifeguard Management" by John Fletemeyer

  • This book focuses on the management aspect of lifeguarding, covering leadership, team dynamics, risk management, and organizational skills needed to oversee lifeguard operations.

  1. "The Ultimate Pool Maintenance Manual: Spas, Pools, Hot Tubs, Rockscapes, and Other Water Features" by Terry Tamminen

  • While not solely about lifeguarding, understanding pool maintenance and potential hazards is essential for lifeguards. This book provides insights into maintaining a safe aquatic environment.

  1. "Lifeguarding the Jersey Shore" by Karen F. Riley

  • A book that delves into the specific challenges and experiences of lifeguards working along the Jersey Shore, offering a regional perspective on lifeguarding.

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