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Watch "BACÁN": Surfing Chile's Rugged Coastline

In the depths of the southern hemisphere, Pete Devries and Ian Fontaine found what they were looking for.

The Canadian and the Frenchman roamed the coastline of Chile, trekking through majestic forests and expanses of black sand, and surfed incredible and unforgettable waves.

BACÁN /baˈkan/: Adjective.

One of the most popular words of Chilean slang. A very common expression for saying something or someone is cool, brilliant or awesome.

Directed by : Nate Laverty

Produced by: MANERA

Surfers: Pete Devries / Ian Fontaine

Cinematography / Edit : Nate Laverty

Photography : Marcus Paladino

Composers : Kieran Campbell / Jasper Smythe / Max Fowler

Sound mix / Music tech : Max Fowler


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