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15th Street Surf Shop: History, Style & Gear Under One Roof

Tucked inside the peninsula of Newport Beach is a small surf shop that is packed with history and style.

As you walk in, your eyes might be taken to a gallery of old boards hanging from the ceiling, the latest apparel displayed on the front table, or the friendly faces smiling behind the front counter.

Even though the shop is only a few square feet, there is no shortage of options to choose from.

15th St Surf Shop: Their Unique Place in Surf Culture

15th St Surf Shop has been in this exact location since 1961, making it one of the oldest standing surf shops in the area.

The shop, which once sold rafts in the 40s and 50s, has changed owners and management over time, however the environment within the store has stayed the same.

Each owner has worked at the shop as a kid and decided to come back as adults to take it back under their wing.

15th St. was once a hub for all the local kids on the peninsula, and the same holds true to this day!

What’s Sold at 15th St Surf Shop

Everything you might need to make your beach day perfect, you can find in this shop.

Sunscreen, boogie board and umbrella rentals, hats, sunglasses, wax, and so much more fill this place.

Besides the essentials, the store consistently is getting new inventory with the latest designs from Billabong, Havaianas, Get Back Necklaces, and Patagonia.

One of the things that sets 15th St Surf Shop apart from the rest of the competition in the area is their creative and fun designs that cover their t-shirts, crewnecks, and hoodies.

If you are in the area and looking for a souvenir to commemorate your time in Newport Beach, this is the place to get the most on trend and unique apparel that you will actually wear.

All the designs are created by the owners or local artists, so you won’t find anything like them around.

What To Look For in the Surf Shop: Talk with Cheryl

It’s always a good day when you walk into the store and get to see Cheryl behind the counter.

Cheryl is one of the independent owners of the shop, so almost everything you see in the store has been well thought out and carefully put into place by her.

From the vintage posters on the wall, to the little knick knacks scattered around the shelves, it’s all got some story behind it.

Not only is Cheryl a mastermind at putting a store together, but she is also one of the most personable people ever.

She’s always ready to start a conversation and learn more about who you are and what brings you into the store.

Another thing to look out for are the boardies! 15th St Surf Shop is one of the very few shops that has the privilege of selling Birdwell Beach Britches in store.

This year the store was even able to have their own collaboration with Birdwell.

The collaboration consists of a light blue men's boardshorts with a navy waistband and salmon pocket in the back.

Waves Near the Shop

It wouldn’t be a conveniently placed surf shop if there weren’t a few waves to surf around it.

The most well known wave near 15th St is The Wedge.

Every year, the huge waves and impressive surfers will bring crowds to the area.

Many of the shop's best selling products are modeled after this wave and perfect for those of us who love to watch the waves there.

Just a few streets away from the store is another break called Blackies.

This break is typically occupied by the longboarders in the area, however during the winter season, you can find all of the local surfers out here.

Blackies is a beach break that also has an extensive history and has been surfed for years.

You can find products in the shop that highlight this wave as well.

Although both these waves are no secret to people who come to visit Newport, there are a few other gems in town that are less populated.

These waves are a little more hidden, so we’ll leave you guys to explore the area and find them for yourself!

How To Get to 15th St Surf Shop

If you are looking to find the original 15th St Surf shop, where it all started in 1961, head down the Newport Beach peninsula, south on East Balboa Blvd.

Once you get to 15th St, turn right at the light and go as close to the beach as you can.

On the corner you’ll find the place.

With a few rental products out on the sidewalk and a sign displayed, you can’t miss it!

Even though the original store is on 15th St, a second location just recently opened on 32nd St.

I know it sounds funny —15th St on 32nd St.

Despite the irony of the name, the environment, decorations, and apparel in the 32nd St location is just as good as the original.

This store is located in The Landing shopping center on W Balboa Blvd.

The addresses to the two shops are located below:

15th St Surf Shop on 15th St- 103 15th St, Newport Beach, CA 92663

15th St Surf Shop on 32nd St- 3138 W. Balboa Blvd Newport Beach, CA 92661

Visit 15th St Surf Shop Today

Anyone who visits 15th St Surf Shop knows it is more than simply a surf shop.

For the locals and those who come and go, it's a relic of surf heritage and a place where all feel welcome.

Whether you are looking for beach essentials or one-of-a-kind, locally inspired clothing, a visit to this iconic store will fulfill all your needs.

So if you are ever in Newport, come swing by and meet the fun staff in store!


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